Kegdai Mobile School Curriculum

The administration of Kakhdi Mobile Charitable School has published the curriculum for its students. Most of the students of Kakhdi Mobile School are nomads and they stayed away from education, the curriculum was hard for them. Therefore, we thought it would be good to make a special curriculum for the first grade that is in accordance with their educational style and is also effective for them.

In this curriculum, standards are used to reveal the potential of a child and to train the child creatively.


To heighten self-awareness and enhance self-esteem through acceptance.


To encourage the children to be responsible for their own individual.


To encourage every child to express their individuality appropriately.


To provide a wide range of Outdoor Education programmes using.

Religious Education

To provide opportunities for involvement in a wide range of sports.

Holy Quran

Outdoor learning and tending to our school garden is a big part of day.