Pashto Language

In this curriculum Pashto words are collected that children are familiar with and most of them are toys and entertainment tools of children's daily life, or they are educational materials, and a picture related to each word is taken to match the word with the child. It helps in learning and it contains words that are simple and easy for children to pronounce and learn. This curriculum is designed in the light of educational psychology to train both the child's ability and creativity.

Growth and development

The child is not familiar with lines, but the nomads are not, we showed them how to write each letter in letters, and with the help of vectors, we made it clear to them the direction of the letter, from which direction it starts and where it ends. do Most of the children write letters from the left side, or connect the words from the left side, which they do most of the time, we did this to improve this goal. A letter is written in different fonts to familiarize the child’s mind with a flower and to be familiar with the letter anywhere, in any environment and at any time.